Food in Barcelona

Just had the best coffee and bread yet in Barcelona. Non- UHT milk, flavoursome coffee and wonderful croissant and jamon sandwich. Also visited a wonderful Italian food shop selling everything from cheeses to pasta, from chocolate and parmigiana. Mike has made a delicious ragu a la Marcella Hazan and we bought pasta to match. What a talented cook he is and what great instincts for flavours and textures. Thanks Mike.

Plans for New Year’s Eve are capon, blood oranges, chocolate dipped shortbreads and carrot,celeriac mash and a yet to be decided green vegetable. We’ll check out the market first. I have some great photos but will have to wait tol

About swimmingjenny

I'm new to blogging. I love the idea of keeping an online diary about my life in London. I like the idea that similarly minded people can peep into my life and find things to laugh about and nod in agreement (or not). I've lived in London for 21 years and come from Melbourne. This blog increasingly is becoming a diary of my growing baking interests. I've made a deal with myself to bake a loaf of bread every week and so for the last 2 months I have. I love to cook especially for friends. I have my own inner city allotment just 5 mins cycle away at King Henry's Walk and try to subsist in Summer. Please feel free to comment; I love to engage.
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