Good service; what I’ve found out

This is the place to come for a fair and balanced review of some of the eateries around my local area or in London. Being of a certain age, I love good service but don’t believe ‘the customer is always right’.

Right now I am itching to write a bad review of a local cafe but as I aim to give an unprejudiced and balanced opinion I’m going to let it rest for a few days or at least until I feel less irritated! Suffice to say Tina, I can’t salute you.

Yes I’ve thought about it and yes Tina we salute you in King Henry’s Walk, has ok coffee, great cake but an appalling attitude to customers! There are many better places. Don’t go there.

* you know you’re in the wrong shop when you spend more time noticing the music than the stock. I’m too old for Urban Outfitters.

We love Bon Bouche in  Broadway Market for a great Baconaise and great coffee on Sunday mornings following a swim at the Lido

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