My active life: swimming, cycling, running and walking

The swimtrekkers at Buttermere

butterfly in buttermere

This page will talk about my favourite places to swim, experiences in the fast lane and beyond. It will let you know of cycling experiences in London; the fumes, the camaraderie, the hustle and bustle at the lights for space and the bloody awful taxi drivers trying to push you off the road. There’ll be pictures of swimming, good spots to swim and of me in pink gortex braving the elements and the traffic. Hints on how to improve your stroke and how to ‘hold that lane’ on your bicycle even in the face of bullying lorries.

Well a year has gone by and SO much fabulous swimming has taken place and much shouting and singing at red post vans, taxis, mini cabs and white van drivers has taken place. Cycling in London requires concentration, speed and quick decisions in order to avoid accidents.

Swimming holiday in Slovenia in Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj with Naomi and Michael for 5 days was the highlight. This was closely followed by a surprisingly great swim in the lakes in mist and rain but not cold. Swam across and around Grasmere and Rydal water  plus an amazing swim in Loughrigg and Easedale tarns. Black silky and black velvet water respectively. Delicious. Pity it wasn’t quite warm enough to swim without a wetsuit. Great people too.

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